Exercise for Osteoporosis on the Central Coast – What is Bone Builder?

Bone Builder came about because I was getting so many clients coming to me with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia, and not knowing exactly what to do about it.

My clients were worried about fractures and which movements were safe, they wondered if they should continue playing golf, going to the gym or working in the garden, they wanted to know if exercise could improve bone density, among many other questions.

I wanted the Bone Builder Program to answer all my clients’ questions, and for people to feel confident that they were doing everything right to manage and treat their low bone density. I’m extremely happy and proud to say that we are achieving what we set out to do.

We aim to empower people and show them how to live with, and even beat, low bone density

How does Bone Builder work?

At the heart of the Bone Builder Program are our small group sessions. These groups are limited to 8 people and each person completes their own individually programmed exercises under the supervision of an accredited exercise physiologist. The group environment is fantastic for support and sharing ideas and experiences; during these sessions we often discuss medications, calcium and vitamin D, how exercise helps build bone, why we are doing our chosen exercises, risk factors… and the list goes on. We share knowledge and work on our bone density, strength and balance at the same time!

I also understand the group environment is not for everyone, but I still wanted to ensure anyone who wanted quality care for their low bone density could access it. Therefore, the Bone Builder Program is also offered in a private format. This means I also see clients individually at the gym, their home or online. These sessions will look different depending on each and every client; some have severe osteoporosis with frequent fractures and we work on posture and moving safely. Some are falling frequently, and our focus is balance and strength. Others are extremely active and can’t quite believe they’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis; our focus here might be incorporating more bone building exercises into their routine.

As you can see the Bone Builder Program caters to a wide range of people with low bone density. However, MY goals for treating every individual are broadly the same; instil confidence in movement, educate and prescribe appropriate exercises for each specific individual, and be a source of useful information regarding bone health.

I am delighted to see the Bone Builder community continue to grow, and I am just as delighted to see that this program is doing what it set out to do. Yes, we exercise. But we also empower people and show them how to live with, and even beat, low bone density.

Recently diagnosed with low bone density?

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